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  • We are about creative spaces

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Our Story


The effect of the physical environment on the psychological process has been proven to “drastically influence innovation.
Modern business leaders believe the difference between success and failure is innovation, innovation requires creativity.
A created space is a productive space”     ~ Megan Bürge – owner 


We are about beautiful spaces …through a partnership between the client & us  

Each project is a partnership.
Understanding your companies strategic growth areas is an important part of the design process to ensure you get maximum
return on your spacial asset.
Long term thinking reduces the cost of short term changes while consideration for practical needs means ease of use
for your staff.


We are about functional, created spaces …  

Space Planning before you or your client sign a lease to ensure the correct space is chosen for the current & future needs


Our Services


  • >  Turnkey office fit out
  • >  Space Planning to ensure that the space meets current & future needs
  • >  Estimate of space required based on your / your clients specific needs
  • >  Design & install to Facelift your current space
  • >  Liaison with Contractors & sub-contractors
  • >  Bespoke shop fitting & furniture
  • >  Furniture procurement
  • >  Custom design your office space for your specific requirements




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Our Details

The Business Exchange
Corner Jan Smuts & 7th Avenue, 195 Jan Smuts Avenue, Rosebank
Landline: 011 035 2579 – extension 616


Paper Space Design - Megan Burge

“I am fortunate enough to work my passion … not many people have that opportunity.
With a diploma in Interior Design through Inscape Design College, I have 12 years of experience having worked in the furniture manufacturing industry, the exhibition design industry & the corporate & domestic design market.”

m: 082 693 4688



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“Interior Design to me , is the concern for functional, aesthetic and socially responsible design. After receiving my BA Degree in Interior Design from Greenside Design Center College of Design, I was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to create beautiful spaces that are the epitome of Interior Design.
I am creative and have a strong urge to solve problems, along with have the ability to visualise and conceptualise three dimensional spaces.”


m: 082 331 3486


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